Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stacey Mikelson - Black Stick

Yesterday we had a visit from Olympic Ambassador Stacey Mikelson. She was very inspiring. She talked all about her journey to become an Olympian.  She also talked about how we could become Olympic Athletes one day. Stacey talked about the importance of choosing a sport and setting some goals on how you might get there. She asked about what we thought the Olympic values were and the children all knew as they were similar to our Ohaeawai School values. She always linked it back to 'be the best that you can be'.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Vaseline Saucers

Aren't we a talented bunch!! The most beautiful simple vaseline saucers ready for pet day tomorrow.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Greats and Grands Day

What a fantastic day we had on Friday for Greats and Grands Day. The children so enjoyed having their grandparents and whanau here at school with us. I hope all Grandparents enjoyed the day and felt special. Thank you all for coming!! Here are a few photos from the day.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Te Huarere

We have been learning about the weather for Maori.
Here is a song Whaea Sally wrote and that we performed at assembly last week.


Our stained glass windows we made with Whaea Sally. We created an short video to show our work.

Our poems inspired by poet Paula Green

We are learning to use words about an object to create a picture poem and read them using a simple  beat.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Our finished Science Fair boards.

The children worked so hard on completing their boards to a high standard. They worked with such focus and determination to create a good board. It was good for them to be able to create a visual presentation of their science learning and hand write their words. We had lots of discussion about how to make a good visual presentation. 

 Kaylee, Indi, Louisa, Sara learnt about electricity.

 Shannon, Terei and Rocky learnt about magnets.

 Kayne, Mosese and Rico learnt about force and friction.

 Enzo and Reed learnt more about magnets.

 Luke and James learnt about planes.

 Sophia and Honey learnt more about sound.

 Crystal learnt about magnets.

 Cerys and Deevon learnt about how sound travels.

 Nero, Cassidy and Magic learnt about friction and force.

 Dulcie and Amethyst learnt about friction.

Professor Dulcie :-) 
Apologies from Mrs Clarke. I have been trying to load Whaea Sally's song but no luck so far. Will get it on the blog for the children next week.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Stained Glass Windows

Look at our beautiful stained glass windows we made with Whaea Sally. 
They certainly brighten up our classroom.
Come into class and have a look at them when you have a chance! 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

L.I. we are learning to understand the difference between weight and capacity

Our activities: Sorting grocery items according to if they are measured in g/kg or l/ml.
Estimating then measuring the weight of classroom objects.
Estimating then measuring how much liquid containers hold.
FullSizeRender.jpg    FullSizeRender.jpg     FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender.jpg    FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender.jpg     FullSizeRender.jpg

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Here are two I-Movies made from our trip to Waitangi.

This one was made by Cerys and Louisa and will be shared at our assembly tomorrow.

This one was made by Mrs Clarke.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


One photo from Waitangi. We listened to some cool stories from Matua Kiko in his whare.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Last week we wrote cameos about weather using as many interesting descriptive words as we could. We tried to use adjectives, verbs, onomatopoeia and similes.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Today Whaea Sally taught us the Samoan sasa. Here are some photos of the actions. We will share this at assembly next Friday.

 tuolo - head down

 nofo - sit up

milimili - rub hands together

patia - clap once
lua pati - clap twice


Louisa reading her narrative to Alex and Sara.
Dulcie reading her narrative to Kayla last week. We all shared our stories with Room 5. Thanks for listening Room 5!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Our next lot of published narratives.

The evil villain and the nice Queen

Once upon a time there lived a Queen pig named Rosie she lived in a happy nice magic castle. But not so far there lived an evil villain named Rico. He was an evil unfunny pig . He lived in a spooky, haunted, scary, banned  farm. He was a killer with a knife but  Rosie was just a kind, happy, nice, helpful Queen. “Maybe I can kidnap the ugly n-n-nice Queen to be my evil Queen,” said the evil robot smelly, ugly pig. “YAWN I’m sleepy I’m going to bed guards,” said the Queen. “This is the perfect time to kidnap the Queen.” said Rico.

“Finally I’ve kidnapped the Queen,” said Rico.
“What do you want from me?” said Rosie.
“I want you to stop being nice and be my evil Queen or I will kill you. Your choice,” said Rico.
“I choose nothing maybe I can think tomorrow,” said Roise. “Mmmmmmmmmm OK! Badnight!”  Said Rico.
“B-b-b-bad night!”  Said Rosie. Smash!!! “I should get out now!!!” Said Rosie and she ran as fast as she could.
“Noooooo!” said Rico.
“I think I should be n-n-nice for now,” said Rico, “and i should fix this farm,” and they lived happily ever after.

The end. By Amethyst Harrison

The Unicorn and the Dinosaur
Once upon a time there was a beautiful unicorn watering her flowers with her magic horn. Just then an evil dinosaur came and almost gobbled her up, but the unicorn ran away  to her magical pretty house. The dinosaur followed the unicorn, the unicorn set a trap and trapped the dinosaur.

“Let me out,” said the evil dinosaur.
The dinosaur broke out and the unicorn said, “you can't
come out you’re evil.”
So the unicorn trapped the dinosaur in her dungeon.

ROAR went the dinosaur.
The unicorn turned around angrily and used her powers to teleport the dinosaur to another world and she lived happily ever after.
The end.
By Honey

The Princess and The Witch with the Unicorn.
Once upon a time there lived a witch in stinky little cottage. There also lived a princess with a beautiful unicorn called Coco, it was dark brown. One day the unicorn met the witch, the witch started laughing mysteriously. The princess started getting nervous. “Let's run”, said the princess.
“Nah,” said unicorn then the unicorn suddenly  the unicorn changed the witch into a mouse.

The witch got so so angry, “ha ha ha” said the princess. The witch was getting even angrier. “Lets go go.” shouted the princess to the unicorn. So the princess leaped onto the unicorn and charged and the witch tried to follow. The princess and the unicorn was so so fast, the witch was puffed. The unicorn was so so fast the witch started crying. “I can’t catch up to you, nooooooooo!” Screamed the witch.
“Yaaaaaaaa! We are away, yippy yo yo,” said the princess.

The witch kept saying nooooooo! Then they lived happily ever after.
By Indi

The Ghost Busters
Once  upon a time there were two brave men. They hunted ghosts in the dark, dark night.

One dark, dark night Kayne found a trail of goo. IT WAS BLACK GOO. Luke searched and searched for Kayne but he couldn't find him. Luke searched everywhere.
He was afraid someone had taken him. But why would they do that to him?

The next night Luke found an unusual trail of fire. He was afraid someone was trying to kill him. 
Luke found one of Kanye's boots, a trail of boot tracks and a secret hide out.  
He opened the door and he found Kayne tied up.  Luke asked Kayne, “what happened?”
Kayne told Luke,  “it was the marshmallow monster. He captured me.”

Luke went looking for the marshmallow monster and found him. He sucked the 
marshmallow monster up into his power bag.”

“Lets go back home!” said Luke. They ate marshmallows for tea.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

We have been learning about how to write narratives. Here are some of our published stories.

The Two Dragons
Once upon a time there were two  dragons one good and one evil. One of them lived in a cave in a dark cave it was the evil dragon. The good dragon lived in a cave too but it is not as bad as the evil dragons. They do not look alike. The good dragon has a purple body and a spiky tail. The evil dragon has a red body and a red tail. The good dragon has a baby dragon, it was only one years old.

One day the baby dragon was gone the dad knew it was the bad dragon called Drake he had wanted to steal the baby for ages. The dad was furious. He ran to the other cave on the other side of the forest. The baby was crying for her dad it was in a little cage. The two dragon fought they both were very, very strong and they were hitting each other with  their tails. The good dragon knocked Drake the bad dragon out with one whack to the head. Next the good dragon got the baby and they never saw Drake ever again.

By Deevon

The King and the wizard.
The king lived in a ginormous, white brick castle
and the wizard lived in a spooky, tall black tower.
The king and the queen sat on red thrones.
The wizard stole the crown from the king that night and
the king said, “where is my crown?”
The king sent a knight to get the crown back.
The knight had a long journey ahead.
He rode his horse past the river of snakes and past the trees of dragons.
The knight found the tower. The knight and the wizard
fought and the knight killed the wizard and the knight
returned to the castle with the crown and they lived happily ever after.

The End
By Terei

Crystals The cat & wolf
Once upon a time there was a wolf. He was a big bad
wolf who lived in a dark, spooky forest. The wolf lived in bushes that he liked, so he went to sleep.

A dragon lived in a forest but in a different forest so one day he walked along looking for food.
He saw the wolf sleeping in his bush and gobbled him up.
The dragon found fruit like lemons, watermelon, kiwifruit and bananas. so he ate them and he thought that he liked them, but he did not like them. So he had no more food.

The end.

By Crystal

Friday, 22 May 2015

Narrative Writing

The children were given a picture and had to plan and write a narrative using the correct structure.

Once upon a time there lived a highly trained king ninja called Harry. He lived in a forest with his beautiful wife Jess, but not far away
there lived a real evil dog called Nick.

First Harry trained his ninja skills to a higher level but it was too late evil  Nick had already burnt the huge green forest into deep red lava.
Harry needs to do something and fast!

Next thing Harry gets a huge brain storm now he knows what to do.
He rushed to Jess and they build a huge water tank but they have one
problem how will we tip it over the tank full of water. James rushed to the tower of awesomeness to get everyone.

Finally Harry and his crew pushed over the tank and killed the evil
dog Nick and they lived happily ever after.

By Luke Edge

Cat king is the king of cats. The king lived in a new brown brick castle and he had swords and cannons.
One day an evil dragon stole the cat princess. The cat king sent a brave cat prince to save the princess. The prince had a long journey ahead to save the princess from the dragons shadowy dark hideout in a deep spooky forest.
The prince found the hideout and the dragon showed up and the princess said, “help me prince!!” The dragon and the prince fought. The prince killed the dragon with his sword through his heart.
The prince and princess returned to the castle and they lived happily ever after!

By Terei

In a castle in a far away land in the middle of nowhere, there grew a candy kingdom. In that
candy kingdom was a candy castle, it grew goodie- goodie gum drops, gob- stoppers and
especially candy for King Fur-ball and Queen Fudge.
In a land close by was Wart-ville. The ruler was Queen Ding-dong the witch. She was nasty and mean as were her loyal subjects the evil bunnies, they were so mean too.
She made everything in her path turn to stone.
“She is so mean,” Queen Fudge said.
“I know and she takes our mice too and turns them into frogs,” said King Fur-ball.
“Her dragon even took our daughter Cotton.” The Queen said angrily.
“Send the guards to look for her!”
Ding - dong saw them coming so she set a trap but the guards were too fast and trapped the witch in the trap. They got princess Cotton back and they all happily ever after in candy kingdom.   
by Sophia.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Three Little Pigs Ending. The class were learning about narratives and worked on how they could change the ending to the story.

The Three Little Pigs.     14.5.15

The wolf went to the window and got a hammer but before he could smash the window the first, second and third pigs got armoured up and got a golden fire sword and killed the wolf. They ate the wolf's meat. The meat was cooked so they wouldn’t get food poisoning.

By Jack Oliver McCarty-Plant

The Three Little Pigs

The two little pig’s put the rubbish bin outside. The wolf hopped in it and the rubbish truck came and it put the wolf in the trailer and the truck drove away.       
The pigs lived happily ever after.
By Rocky

Maia and Kalab zoomed into Anna’s stone house in the city The wolf dressed as father pig the wolf bounced in. Anna shouted, “hello ugly hairy wolf.” Maia, Kalab and Anna flew away on eagle’s. “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted the wolf. The wolf was crying so loud that he blew up. “That’s the end of the wolf,” said Maia.

By Louisa Joyce

The Three Little Pigs

The two pigs ran as fast as they could to Poppy’s house.
The big bad wolf got his bow and arrow and shot one of the
pigs! The pigs got their guns

and shot the wolf in the butt!!!
By James Gates