Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Monday, 22 February 2016


We have been learning to add hooks to our writing to capture our readers attention. 

Here are some published pieces we have written. The children are still learning to use the netbooks for typing stories so they are short and sweet. 

Swimming by Isaac

“Yum,” the swimming pool water is super warm.  I float on my back and close my eyes. I swim around and around to make a whirlpool. “It's fun!” I shout. The colour of the pool is blue like the sea. I put my goggles on and put my head under the water and I see leaves on the bottom of the pool. When we hop in the whirlpooI I went on my bodyboard, round and round went my cousin and I.                 


Chromebook Assembly by Brooke

“Gotta open this!’’ said Room One as the countdown began. “1 2 3, go!” Said Mrs Craig. “My chromebook!” They yelled with excitement. I couldn’t believe it was a such a mess with boxes and rubbish everywhere, it was fun.

Chromebooks by Sam

“Sam,” whispered Mrs Clarke, “can you be my photographer?’’ “Yes’’ I screamed in my head.
“I can’t wait!” I heard lots of people say in excitement. “Now we are going to do the countdown,” said Mrs Craig. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” screamed the school. The year 4’s ripped their chromebook box open. “WOW!” screamed everyone. Then the teachers gave out the cases.  Finally the bell rang. “Hooray!” I shouted. “It’s lunch.”

Unboxing Day by Leonor
Yay! It’s unboxing day 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0! RIP! RIP! went the boxes as the Year 4’s opened their boxes to reveal the shiny black chromebooks. I didn't like too much of the noise after the countdown so I blocked my ears  just in case it was too bad. The bell rang RING! RING! I’m starving, “is it over?” but it wasn’t. All the excitement made me smile, I was happy.

Chromebooks by Ronan

WOW! I heard screeching! Lots of screeching! I could not stand it my eyes were going to pop out. There was so much EXCITEMENT! I did not know there would be this much EXCITEMENT. How long did this screaming go for I said to my self. I was so EXCITED for the countdown. It was even louder then me. It was as loud as a lion. Then it was morning tea. Then the bell went after the bell went we got our netbooks. I had a black netbook. We learnt how to use them.


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