Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A moment in Time

We are learning to write about a moment in time.
Imagine you are at the beach watching these dogs. Write to describe that moment in time.

Here is Georgia's wonderful moment in time!
Splosh! Splish! Splash! The black and brown dogs leapt into cold strong water. “I’m going to get there first,” barked the black fluffy dog. “No I am,” barked the little brown dog. “Oh we’ll just see about that,” barked the black dog. Kaboom!! A wave came crashing and swept up the two dogs. “Looks like we both won!” laughed the brown dog.



  1. So cool Georg! Mum loves reading your stories, they're always so expressive.

  2. Hi Georgia. I like your work because well they are just expressive like this one. Why are the dogs talking? From your best friend Leonor.