Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


We have been learning to add powerful verbs and adjectives to our writing to make it shine. Here are some gems from this week. 

The Climb
I was so tired I could hardly move. I spotted the trees swishing in the air back and forth. When I got to the top of the mountain I was exhausted. I heard birds chirping it sounded wonderful. The fresh green grass was as soft as a pillow. The mountain was bumpy like a hippopotamus back. I fell on the soft fresh green grass. We listened to uncle Hone tell us Maori stories. Then I ate my lunch yummy lunch.

By Denym

Wow! I ran up the hill a little bit. I found a cow horn, I put it in my bag. I kept on walking up the hill. There was a brown gate I climbed over the gate. It is a long way, I said to myself. Then there was another gate, then another gate, one more then we were there. Next we were so high up I could almost see the whole world. From here it was a long way down. We walked up the last bit of the mountain.
By Charlie.


“WOW!” That is the biggest rocky mountain I have even seen in my life. Bang bang! I hopped off the rusty old bus. We lined up like clever dogs standing up. After that we started to climb. Heave ho! I climbed the green pathway. It got steeper every minute. Louisa and Sara had to hold onto my hand. Finally we reached the tippy top of the mountain. When we got to the top of the rocky mountain it had lush green grass. l could see the other children and the black and white cows. “Wow!” I could see the glistening blue water in the lake. After that we raced down the rocky mountain like cheetahs chasing mice.     

By Ronan                 


The bus sped across the bumpy metal road. When the bus stopped at the green grassy mountain Sam and I raced up the high mountain. Sam and I saw the little kids and we saw the teachers too.

By Sunita


Wow! The bus screeched to a stop it was dusty on the gravel. When we got to the steep mountain we walked up the mountain. There were black cows and white and brown cows. I puffed up the hill, it was like an adventure. It was bendy, it made me feel dry so I had a drink then we kept walking.
By Reagan


  1. Hi Ronan
    What an amazing story beause u hade adjiectives. And simelise.
    Keep up the good work. To make your story shine.
    Blog you later
    From Myer. Tautoro School.

  2. Hello Ronan
    What an amazing story you made with two similes in it.
    Keep writing those amazing stories.
    Blog you later. From Chace.

  3. Hi Ronan
    What an amazing story you have written. I like all of your adjectives.Keep up your good work with your story.
    Blog you later.
    Tautoro School

  4. Kai ora Ronan
    What an amazing story. I like your interesting words.
    Keep writing interesting words in your stories.
    See you later.
    VJ Tautoro School


  5. Hi Ronan

    What an amazing story I like your similes.
    Keep up the hard work making your story shine.
    Blog you later
    From Kohl-lee.

  6. Hi Denym
    It's so cool that your class has a blog! Now I can see what you are doing from home 😊
    You had some great similes! I see in your picture you have a lightning bolt for your body so you must have super powers⚡️⚡️

  7. Rippa rugby team well done what an awesome effort.Way to go guys.
    blog you later.