Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Narrative Writing

The children were given a picture and had to plan and write a narrative using the correct structure.

Once upon a time there lived a highly trained king ninja called Harry. He lived in a forest with his beautiful wife Jess, but not far away
there lived a real evil dog called Nick.

First Harry trained his ninja skills to a higher level but it was too late evil  Nick had already burnt the huge green forest into deep red lava.
Harry needs to do something and fast!

Next thing Harry gets a huge brain storm now he knows what to do.
He rushed to Jess and they build a huge water tank but they have one
problem how will we tip it over the tank full of water. James rushed to the tower of awesomeness to get everyone.

Finally Harry and his crew pushed over the tank and killed the evil
dog Nick and they lived happily ever after.

By Luke Edge

Cat king is the king of cats. The king lived in a new brown brick castle and he had swords and cannons.
One day an evil dragon stole the cat princess. The cat king sent a brave cat prince to save the princess. The prince had a long journey ahead to save the princess from the dragons shadowy dark hideout in a deep spooky forest.
The prince found the hideout and the dragon showed up and the princess said, “help me prince!!” The dragon and the prince fought. The prince killed the dragon with his sword through his heart.
The prince and princess returned to the castle and they lived happily ever after!

By Terei

In a castle in a far away land in the middle of nowhere, there grew a candy kingdom. In that
candy kingdom was a candy castle, it grew goodie- goodie gum drops, gob- stoppers and
especially candy for King Fur-ball and Queen Fudge.
In a land close by was Wart-ville. The ruler was Queen Ding-dong the witch. She was nasty and mean as were her loyal subjects the evil bunnies, they were so mean too.
She made everything in her path turn to stone.
“She is so mean,” Queen Fudge said.
“I know and she takes our mice too and turns them into frogs,” said King Fur-ball.
“Her dragon even took our daughter Cotton.” The Queen said angrily.
“Send the guards to look for her!”
Ding - dong saw them coming so she set a trap but the guards were too fast and trapped the witch in the trap. They got princess Cotton back and they all happily ever after in candy kingdom.   
by Sophia.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Three Little Pigs Ending. The class were learning about narratives and worked on how they could change the ending to the story.

The Three Little Pigs.     14.5.15

The wolf went to the window and got a hammer but before he could smash the window the first, second and third pigs got armoured up and got a golden fire sword and killed the wolf. They ate the wolf's meat. The meat was cooked so they wouldn’t get food poisoning.

By Jack Oliver McCarty-Plant

The Three Little Pigs

The two little pig’s put the rubbish bin outside. The wolf hopped in it and the rubbish truck came and it put the wolf in the trailer and the truck drove away.       
The pigs lived happily ever after.
By Rocky

Maia and Kalab zoomed into Anna’s stone house in the city The wolf dressed as father pig the wolf bounced in. Anna shouted, “hello ugly hairy wolf.” Maia, Kalab and Anna flew away on eagle’s. “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted the wolf. The wolf was crying so loud that he blew up. “That’s the end of the wolf,” said Maia.

By Louisa Joyce

The Three Little Pigs

The two pigs ran as fast as they could to Poppy’s house.
The big bad wolf got his bow and arrow and shot one of the
pigs! The pigs got their guns

and shot the wolf in the butt!!!
By James Gates

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Our waiata Wairua Tapu that we performed at assembly last week. We learnt the sign language actions. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Swimming term 1 photos

Click link to view. Some children were away or not swimming the day we did photos unfortunately.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wairua Tapu

We have been learning this himene for National Sign Language week. We will perform it at assembly tomorrow.
Our German song we have been learning with Susie. Thanks For working with us Susie!!