Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Rippa Rugby Tournament Tuesday 28 June

Click on the links below to watch a few videos of some rippa action.

Mitchel scores a try

Sam scores a try

Kyle makes a run

Kelly scores a try

Partly Cloudy

Last week we used this cute little video to inspire our writing. We watched it scene by scene and the children had to describe what they saw using descriptive language and ensuring they had a full stop and capital letter for each sentence.

Partly Cloudy

The bird quickly swooped down to give the gift to the huge dog. Swiftly they swooped through the white shiny clouds. The birds house was the clouds. They have lightning hands. The cloud made a puppy out of a cloud and grabbed the cloud off the puppy and gave it a bone. The dark cloud made a crocodile and then it bit his finger then the bird came over and the cloud wrapped it up and gave the bag to the bird. The goat quickly charged into his stomach. Then the cloud put it in a bag. Slowly the bird picked it up and the goat was jumping around. The hedgehog's spikes poked his wings. The bird came back quickly and saw the shark. The dark cloud squashed the shark and made a storm. But the bird came over with football stuff. Then the cloud made an electric eel.

By Traeh

Speedily the bird dropped the bag down here was a cat. The bird slowly found a cloud house. The cloud made a real pet with magic. One cloud was all by himself and the cloud went to make a baby. The cloud made a baby crocodile and the bird came and the crocodile bit the bird's face. The cloud made a baby goat. Boom!! The bird got hit on the tummy. The goat was in the bag and the goat kept hitting the bird on the face. The cloud made a hedgehog and the bird came back and the cloud pulled the spikes out. Slowly the bird went away from the cloud. The cloud was sad and he looked at another cloud. The bird came back and the cloud made an eel.

By Anthony

Slowly the crazy brown bird laughed through the wind. Lazily the cloud grabbed the zooming birds. Loudly they turned on the lightning and struck the clouds. Sadly the cloud cried out rain.
Finally the crocodile jumped on the brown bird. The teeth from the crocodile bit him.
The bird gazed up at the white cloud. The hedgehog jumped on the bird. Quickly the bird flew away when he saw the shark. Angrily the cloud started to cry. Happily the bird flew back with armour.

By Sunita

Quickly I saw birds swerve through the gentle wind. Happily the white birds burst off power lines and flew through the pink clouds. The clouds were like fluffy people that make presents. They all made cute little animals except for the grey cloud. He made a crocodile and it nearly bit the white bird's head off. The bird that helped the grey cloud was bald and it could hardly fly. The white bird came back to the grey cloud. The cloud had a surprise and it was a goat and it ran into the bird. He came back again and the grey cloud made a hedgehog, a spiky one too, and it pricked the bird. Sadly the white bruised bird flies up to a white cloud. Sadly the cloud split with tears and burst with lightning. The bruised bird came back with amour on just to keep it safe.

By AnneLise

Monday, 27 June 2016

Rippa Rubgy at Toll Stadium

Well done to our Year 3 and 4 rippa rugby team who went to Whangarei to play against Kaikohe East. What an exciting time to play at the big stadium as curtain raiser for the Blues!!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Fast Facts Friday

Well done to Mitchel. Our first ever Fast Facts Friday 100% correct!! Other children are so close so look out for more certificates soon!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Personification writing

Last week we were learning to use personification to make our writing more interesting. Here is a great example of personification writing by Fin which he shared at our assembly.

The Fight

BOOM BOOM! The fight is on. The lightning shot the trees arm off. The trees arm is broken. The thunder scared the lightning away. But the lightning came back, the thunder went crazy. The rain got mad and turned to hail and smashed the ground. The wind made the leaves spin like ballerinas up on stage. All of a sudden all the whistling and growling went quiet. The fight is over.
By Fin

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mixed Maths Learning

For maths we have started working in small groups to solve multiplication and division problems. We need to work together to solve the problems using a range of different strategies. Everyone in the group must know how to solve the problem so lots of teaching and learning is taking place as they work together.  They are able to use a variety of different resources to help us solve the problems. E.g. Materials, Whiteboards, Explain Everything app on the Ipad.
Here are some pictures of the groups working together and our slide show of the answers and how we have solved them.