Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Crazy Hair Portraits

Here are our self portraits we created using sharpie, crayon and dye. We used straws to blow dye across the page to create some crazy hair styles. They have turned out really funky! The children love them! (Please excuse the bad pictures, as usual I forgot to take photos before they went up).

Volcano Animations

We have been using our learning about volcanoes to create stop motion animations. With our wonderful facilitator Mrs Ritchie we have worked in small groups to create storyboards, backdrops, props and finally our animations. Here are our some photos of us working hard and our finished videos.




Friday, 18 March 2016

Volcanoes erupting

We are learning to write about a moment in time. 

We used our language experience of an erupting volcano and you tube videos to help us write about the moment a volcano erupts.

Here are some examples with pictures we created using our volcano vocabulary.

“Bang, crash, bang!” The rocky volcano erupted! Red and orange lava ran as fast as rockets taking off. The ashes and sparks flew around like butterflies. The smoke shot out of the red hot volcano. The lava killed all the plants that were in its pathway. The volcano lava did not stop.
By Ronan

volcano word picture (7).jpg

Kaboom pssss!! The giant brown volcano erupted. It started with grey steam like a raincloud. Red sticky ash jumped all over the volcano. Round rocks spat everywhere. The ash was orange and sticky like gross slugs.
By Leonor
volcano (1).jpg

Ssssshhhhh! Boom!!! Bang!!! The volcano hissed as it was booming out flaming rocks. It is dripping out lava. Bubbling on the the inside. The lava was burning like fire. It was so noisy. Sssshhhh boom!!! Boom!!! Bang!!! Bang!!! Smack!!! Smack!!!.The volcano is hard like rocks. The grey smoke was foggy, grey and strong and smelled dusty it blended in with the ash.  
By Denym

Fire rocks rolling down the side of the enormous volcano. Lava killing all the plants in its way as it makes its way through the villages garden. Enormous piles of smoke cover the wonderful view of the extinct volcano.
By AnneLise

Bang! The volcano is erupting. It was throwing hot rocks. The lava slowly slipped down the volcano. Lots of smoke came out. The lava was very very hot.
By Kyle
volcano words.jpg

Boom! Loud red lava spitting out of the steaming volcano. Big hot rocks rumbling down the brown fiery volcano. Kaboom! The hot steaming rocks tumbling down faster and faster. The hot steaming lava destroying the city and town. The smoky volcano erupting.
By Kelly.
Volcano word picture.jpg

Wow! Everyone screamed when the volcano erupted and it was like red blood coming out of the volcano, I couldn't believe that was real. The teachers were tipping water and vinegar in. The volcano exploded lava out of the sand. The real volcano spat hot red rocks and black ash out of the big hole in the top.
By Brooklyn
volcano (2).jpg

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Volcanoes erupting

We are learning to write about a moment in time. 

We used our language experience of an erupting volcano and you tube videos to help us write about the moment a volcano erupts.

Here are some examples with pictures we created using our volcano vocabulary.

The volcano is spitting on the road and the volcano was brown and black. It was hot and smokey. The lava was rolling on the train track. Bang bang! It crashed down on the road too.
By Anthony

volcano word picture (4).jpg

Bang! Crackle! The sun rocks are rolling down the volcano. Sloppy hot goo is slowly bubbling. Sounds like drums rumbling. Sizzle sizzle, here is the bubbles, the red and yellow rocks tumble down. Very, very hot rocks go everywhere.    
By Brooke

Volcano word picture (5).jpg

BOOM CRASH BANG! The gigantic hot rocks burst out of the volcano. The red fiery hot lava slithers down the volcano like a snake. Everything in the lava’s path turns into ash. The lava stops flowing and turns into hard rock. The rock sizzles for 2 hours before it slowly starts to cool down. It is scary but also amazing.   
By Sam

volcano word picture (6).jpg

Monday, 14 March 2016

Writing experience - Volcano

For our writing experience we made an erupting volcano using baking soda, food colouring, dish liquid, warm water and finally vinegar. We made a red flowing river of lava in the sandpit. We used the experience to write about the 'moment in time'  and brainstormed powerful words to use in our writing. 

Here is a slideshow of pictures. 

Look out for our published pieces of writing later in the week. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A moment in Time

We are learning to write about a moment in time.
Imagine you are at the beach watching these dogs. Write to describe that moment in time.

Here is Georgia's wonderful moment in time!
Splosh! Splish! Splash! The black and brown dogs leapt into cold strong water. “I’m going to get there first,” barked the black fluffy dog. “No I am,” barked the little brown dog. “Oh we’ll just see about that,” barked the black dog. Kaboom!! A wave came crashing and swept up the two dogs. “Looks like we both won!” laughed the brown dog.


Sunday, 6 March 2016


We have been learning to add powerful verbs and adjectives to our writing to make it shine. Here are some gems from this week. 

The Climb
I was so tired I could hardly move. I spotted the trees swishing in the air back and forth. When I got to the top of the mountain I was exhausted. I heard birds chirping it sounded wonderful. The fresh green grass was as soft as a pillow. The mountain was bumpy like a hippopotamus back. I fell on the soft fresh green grass. We listened to uncle Hone tell us Maori stories. Then I ate my lunch yummy lunch.

By Denym

Wow! I ran up the hill a little bit. I found a cow horn, I put it in my bag. I kept on walking up the hill. There was a brown gate I climbed over the gate. It is a long way, I said to myself. Then there was another gate, then another gate, one more then we were there. Next we were so high up I could almost see the whole world. From here it was a long way down. We walked up the last bit of the mountain.
By Charlie.


“WOW!” That is the biggest rocky mountain I have even seen in my life. Bang bang! I hopped off the rusty old bus. We lined up like clever dogs standing up. After that we started to climb. Heave ho! I climbed the green pathway. It got steeper every minute. Louisa and Sara had to hold onto my hand. Finally we reached the tippy top of the mountain. When we got to the top of the rocky mountain it had lush green grass. l could see the other children and the black and white cows. “Wow!” I could see the glistening blue water in the lake. After that we raced down the rocky mountain like cheetahs chasing mice.     

By Ronan                 


The bus sped across the bumpy metal road. When the bus stopped at the green grassy mountain Sam and I raced up the high mountain. Sam and I saw the little kids and we saw the teachers too.

By Sunita


Wow! The bus screeched to a stop it was dusty on the gravel. When we got to the steep mountain we walked up the mountain. There were black cows and white and brown cows. I puffed up the hill, it was like an adventure. It was bendy, it made me feel dry so I had a drink then we kept walking.
By Reagan