Nau mai, haere mai ki to matou mahi o ruma tahi me te rua.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Our next lot of published narratives.

The evil villain and the nice Queen

Once upon a time there lived a Queen pig named Rosie she lived in a happy nice magic castle. But not so far there lived an evil villain named Rico. He was an evil unfunny pig . He lived in a spooky, haunted, scary, banned  farm. He was a killer with a knife but  Rosie was just a kind, happy, nice, helpful Queen. “Maybe I can kidnap the ugly n-n-nice Queen to be my evil Queen,” said the evil robot smelly, ugly pig. “YAWN I’m sleepy I’m going to bed guards,” said the Queen. “This is the perfect time to kidnap the Queen.” said Rico.

“Finally I’ve kidnapped the Queen,” said Rico.
“What do you want from me?” said Rosie.
“I want you to stop being nice and be my evil Queen or I will kill you. Your choice,” said Rico.
“I choose nothing maybe I can think tomorrow,” said Roise. “Mmmmmmmmmm OK! Badnight!”  Said Rico.
“B-b-b-bad night!”  Said Rosie. Smash!!! “I should get out now!!!” Said Rosie and she ran as fast as she could.
“Noooooo!” said Rico.
“I think I should be n-n-nice for now,” said Rico, “and i should fix this farm,” and they lived happily ever after.

The end. By Amethyst Harrison

The Unicorn and the Dinosaur
Once upon a time there was a beautiful unicorn watering her flowers with her magic horn. Just then an evil dinosaur came and almost gobbled her up, but the unicorn ran away  to her magical pretty house. The dinosaur followed the unicorn, the unicorn set a trap and trapped the dinosaur.

“Let me out,” said the evil dinosaur.
The dinosaur broke out and the unicorn said, “you can't
come out you’re evil.”
So the unicorn trapped the dinosaur in her dungeon.

ROAR went the dinosaur.
The unicorn turned around angrily and used her powers to teleport the dinosaur to another world and she lived happily ever after.
The end.
By Honey

The Princess and The Witch with the Unicorn.
Once upon a time there lived a witch in stinky little cottage. There also lived a princess with a beautiful unicorn called Coco, it was dark brown. One day the unicorn met the witch, the witch started laughing mysteriously. The princess started getting nervous. “Let's run”, said the princess.
“Nah,” said unicorn then the unicorn suddenly  the unicorn changed the witch into a mouse.

The witch got so so angry, “ha ha ha” said the princess. The witch was getting even angrier. “Lets go go.” shouted the princess to the unicorn. So the princess leaped onto the unicorn and charged and the witch tried to follow. The princess and the unicorn was so so fast, the witch was puffed. The unicorn was so so fast the witch started crying. “I can’t catch up to you, nooooooooo!” Screamed the witch.
“Yaaaaaaaa! We are away, yippy yo yo,” said the princess.

The witch kept saying nooooooo! Then they lived happily ever after.
By Indi

The Ghost Busters
Once  upon a time there were two brave men. They hunted ghosts in the dark, dark night.

One dark, dark night Kayne found a trail of goo. IT WAS BLACK GOO. Luke searched and searched for Kayne but he couldn't find him. Luke searched everywhere.
He was afraid someone had taken him. But why would they do that to him?

The next night Luke found an unusual trail of fire. He was afraid someone was trying to kill him. 
Luke found one of Kanye's boots, a trail of boot tracks and a secret hide out.  
He opened the door and he found Kayne tied up.  Luke asked Kayne, “what happened?”
Kayne told Luke,  “it was the marshmallow monster. He captured me.”

Luke went looking for the marshmallow monster and found him. He sucked the 
marshmallow monster up into his power bag.”

“Lets go back home!” said Luke. They ate marshmallows for tea.


  1. Thank you Room 7 for sharing your stories with us on Friday. Piata heard lots of interesting stories. Alex liked James's because it was very funny especially the character's names. Maybe you could show us how to make books.

    1. Thanks for listening to us read Room 5! We loved sharing with you.